products & services

Under the umbrella of Building Shelter are these specialized construction services and products:

Building Care and Repair

Don't have the time to fix that nagging little project you walk by everyday?  Not as good with a paint brush or hammer as you'd wish?  Call us to take care of the little projects that have been adding up on the honey-do-list.  We can repair decks, repair rotten trim, build a pergola, install a window, install new counter tops.  You name it, we'll get it done for you.

Hurricane Fabric

Protect your home against serious storms and hurricanes. Get a quote

Property Management

Keeping an eye on your home when you' re not here to.

De-construction and Recycling

De-constructing houses, preparing culled materials for re-use, keeping as much as possible out of the land fill.

Mill Work

We have an in-house shop giving us tighter control on schedule, design and budget.

Building Analyst Professional

We are trained and certified by the Building Performance Institute to diagnose energy performance of existing houses and conduct performance testing during and after construction.  see a home energy audit be conducted


We can help you design your next project, assist in design strategies or direct you to an engineer or architectural firm for your new project.

Deep Energy Retrofit

Love your home but would like it to be more comfortable and less expensive to operate?  Consider a deep energy retrofit, click here for more information.