a home in its community

Is it unusual to be conscientious about the houses we make and care about the family's experience there?  It costs us more to be conscientious: careful building assemblies, thoughtful applications, judicial use of materials, consideration of the homeowner and architect's intent and purpose; industry conferences, trade journals, improvements to our systems, people and techniques- this stuff takes time and money- in the beginning.  Are we naive and overly idealistic?  A business school probably would not teach its students to include the language "considerate", "conscientious", "caring"  in a for-profit company's business plan (or maybe it would).  

Our systems are geared to make money, track it and use it efficiently- we intend Building Shelter Inc. to survive so that we can maintain the buildings we built and provide service to our customers.  We have to be profitable to do that, our being profitable is in your best interest so that we can be responsible to you.  We want the sale and a long term customer.

Considering that we may see you around town it's clear that we are part of the same community.  A community thrives when fairness, honesty and civility are valued.  Doing our work with these values is an important component in a successful community.

Being a member of the Martha's Vineyard community, your support for other community members - our local artisans, farmers and stores - keeps our community diverse, healthy and on island.  It's expensive to live here and it could be even more expensive (and less interesting) if the people who supply the necessities upon which we depend, who maintain the infrastructure and provide the services that keep Martha's Vineyard running can't afford to stay.  Your home is within a community, please support yourself by supporting your community.